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Ways to Promote Your Company Offline

Promoting your business is important for its survival. This involves trying to retain the existing customers, acquire new customers and expand business geographically. For this you need to use offline and/or online methods. We will discuss in this article the offline way. Promoting your company offline Promoting a company offline involves promoting it through traditional […]

2014 Tax Season Starts on January 13

The Internal Revenue Service announced that they will accept the 2013 business tax returns on January 13, 2014. This applies for both electronic-filled and paper-filled. Business returns include any return that posts on the IRS Business Master File (BMF). These BMF returns include a variety of income tax and information returns such as: Federal form […]

Basics of Investing

Investing is act of using money to make more money or it refers to the accumulation of some kind of assets in hope of getting a future return from it. I was just attempting to provide some basic principles to enable individuals get started with investing. The reasons behind investment are far more important and […]

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