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All about Investments

The word investment is itself a scary term for many people. And for some people saving is investing. First of all, the term “investment” is a different notion for different people. And one should be clearer about the difference between saving and investing. Savings will not expect higher returns than the inflation. The things that […]

Real Estate Investment

Since real estate is not directly traded on a centralized exchange, the physical real estate market is characterized by relative lack of liquidity, large lot size, and high transaction costs with properties that are fixed at a location and heterogeneous. Real estate investment lies in three principal areas: 1) indexing, benchmarking and measurement issues in […]

Basics of Investing

Investing is act of using money to make more money or it refers to the accumulation of some kind of assets in hope of getting a future return from it. I was just attempting to provide some basic principles to enable individuals get started with investing. The reasons behind investment are far more important and […]

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