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Mobile Internet Usage Growth in USA

Ever since the hand held devices with internet was introduced in the world of technology, the mobile internet usage has also skyrocketed. When wireless router technology was introduced, it took the world in a storm. But today when mobile internet usage growth in USA is all time high and expected to rise even higher, then […]

Why Internet Marketing is Beneficial Over Traditional Marketing for Small Businesses?

Internet marketing has given a wide scope for small businesses to explore and develop. With the help of Internet marketing small businesses have the ability to increase their online visibility by applying strategies like SEO, PPC, social media, e-mail marketing, banner ads, etc. Internet marketing has many advantages such as, it is cost-effective, message reaches […]

Common Misconceptions on Social Media Marketing among Small Businesses

Social media marketing has gained popularity in the industry today. However, people have some misconceptions on social media marketing. In addition, they underestimate the value and importance of social media. This article, clarifies your common misconceptions on social media marketing. Myth – Social media networking is meant for Teenagers: People have a misconception that Facebook […]

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