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Advantages of Using Application Server in Small Businesses

An application server is the centralized system, which can store a huge amount of data and can receive request from the users and processes it by accessing the business related data and sends back the response to the user. The application server acts like a mediator between the front end (user) and the back end (database, business logic, etc.). Unlike web servers, application servers support all types of protocols including HTTP.

SEO Basics for Small Business Owners – Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is an important technique which is applied after the on-page optimization. It has nothing to do with the content on your site unlike on-page optimization. And it is a very difficult task to execute, where you need to build relationship with other sites to publish your content or give a link to your site. This process is called link building. These are very important to improve your site’s ranking, to drive traffic to your website and also to improve indexing of your site.

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