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Advantages of Using Application Server in Small Businesses

An application server is the centralized system, which can store a huge amount of data and can receive request from the users and processes it by accessing the business related data and sends back the response to the user. The application server acts like a mediator between the front end (user) and the back end (database, business logic, etc.). Unlike web servers, application servers support all types of protocols including HTTP.

Know About Important Characteristics of SaaS

Software as a services (SaaS), also known as Software on demand, is deployed over the internet to run behind a firewall on a local area network or personal computer. Important characteristics of SaaS are given below: SaaS application is associated with user interactive web applications accessed directly over the internet, SaaS as a concept caters […]

Best Practices for Developing a Software Project

Most of the software projects are not successful because of the problems they face like over budget, missing function or a combination. Some software projects are so poorly executed that they are canceled before completion. Below are some best practices for developing a software project: Development Process: The companies must be careful while choosing a […]

Know About Software Development Process

Software development process explains how a software product can be developed. This process can also be called as software development life cycle. Organizations may also create a Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), which is mainly focused on process improvement. Following are the steps involved in software development process: Planning: Important task in development of a […]

Software Architecture and Its Benefits

Software architecture is a set of structures that contains software elements, relations among them, and properties of both. Documentation software architecture helps in communication between stakeholders. Architecture is the primary carrier of system qualities, such as performance, modifiable, and security. Software engineers employed fundamental principles since mid 1980’s. Software architecture is based on the idea […]

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