Know about the Check List of Construction Workplace Inspection

Inspection is most important in construction workplaces. Construction workplace safety inspections are done on a regular basis by a construction manager. These inspections will cause delay of the project, but are very important to protect the workers from accidents.

Manager should identify the problems at workplaces, should check the machines working conditions, assess and determine the degree of compliance, explain about health and safety program and many other activities which ensure smooth progress of the project.

In construction work place, supervisors or managers will inspect based on the check lists.

  1. Housekeeping (eg: Cleanliness, Electrical cords, Ladders etc.)
  2. Proper Personal Protective Equipment (safety glasses or face shields, gloves, shoes etc.)
  3. Cranes/ rigging equipment
  4. Hot work (PPE, permit, combustibles, flammables protected)
  5. MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) on site with containers labeled
  6. Walking/working surfaces (tripping Hazards, slippery surfaces, floor holes)
  7. Electrical tools (guards in place; good condition, stored properly)
  8. Fire extinguishers (accessible, on mechanized equipment, monthly inspection)
  9. Proper barricading/ warning signs (trenches, storage construction sites, fuel areas)
  10. Flammables/combustibles (fire extinguishers, welding and cutting equipment)
  11. Scaffold system fully assembled; inspections; tags; fully planked guardrails
    excavation (properly shored; inspections; permits; barricaded daily)
  12. Drinking water/ sanitation requirements/first aid kit
  13. Electrical (such as proper grounding, lock & tag and GFCI [good condition, inspected])

Make sure that all above list is inspected one by one to manage effectively.

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