The Various Choices of Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting provide a platform to individual or organization to post a website on the internet. It is a service or business that provides tools for website and other services which is required to make it available on the internet.

What is a Website?
Website is collection of HTML files and CSS files consisting of text, images or photos. All files have to be to kept in specific folder of a system called server that is connected to internet. When users want to visit your website, they type your website name in the browser, which allows their computers connect to your server and load the web page. There are many web hosting services available, some are free that provide basic limited services and others that are quite expensive which is generally used by professionals for business purpose.

Types of Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting
Website Monitoring ServiceAs name suggest, in shared hosting a common server is used to host many websites. Though there are issues with opting shared hosting, the main advantage is its low cost as the cost is shared among all the users. It is best option for beginners who are not really worried about having dedicated resources for their websites. However, the site will have no guaranteed performance because of restricted resources. If your site is sharing server resources with other sites that have more number of site visitors, then it may effect your website performance.

Dedicated Web Hosting
Unlike shared, dedicated hosting allows separate server for a website. This type of web hosting provides users with lot of choices in memory, bandwidth and OS and gives full control to them on server activities. With dedicated servers, the users need not worry about sharing of resources with other sites. Also there will be less chance of websites going down due to lack of resources. The only disadvantage with dedicated server is the cost factor, because it is quite expensive than shared hosting.

Colocate Web Hosting
Website MonitoringColocate web hosting is suitable for businesses provided if they want to maintain and be responsible for their own servers. The website owners place their own servers within the hosting company who will be responsible for providing power, IP & bandwidth, security for your servers. It is like having control on your servers and software with no headaches of maintaining them. This hosting is viable for businesses who want to cut down their cost of maintaining IT infrastructure.

Cloud Based Web Hosting
It is a new technology in web hosting and is somewhat similar to VPS (virtual private server). Cloud web hosting allows websites to use the resources of multiple servers in a network. It delivers many features to websites and provides protection against many security threats. The cloud service will provide the choice of operating system i.e. Linux or Windows. Based on the business needs, one can choose cloud resources of their own choice.

Updated: January 24, 2018 — 12:14 pm
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